Poker Dos and Don’ts You Should Be Aware Of

In whatever game you play even situs poker online, your best behavior should not escape you. If you behave well, you will be famous to other players and you will be well-liked. Ignoring poker etiquettes will only land you into trouble. Sometimes it is easy to lose yourself in the game but that is not an excuse to act out.

There are really no written standards or guidelines on how to act in front of other people during a poker game but it is your decorum that will set you apart from the rest. With that in mind, it is the time that you know poker etiquette:

Do pay attention to what is happening around you

To win, it is crucial that you focus on whatever is happening around you. When it is not your turn to play, pay attention to other players. You will see some signs that can give you an idea of what they are holding. Taking a call or watching something online when it is your turn is also not a good thing.

Do treat other players with respect

In every game, you see other players as the `’enemy” but it doesn’t give you the right to trample them through your demeaning words just to distract them and throw them off-balance. You have to treat other players with respect and they will treat you also with respect.

Do keep your things in your own area

You have to do your best to safeguard your things and the best way to do that is to keep cards and chips in your own area. Poker tables have different sizes. It is good if you have a large poker table but what if it is small? You do not have a lot of room for your things but you still need to ensure that the cards and chips do not mix up or it won’t come to other areas.

Do not take or make a call when you are in the table

Casinos already made a rule – you leave the table when you take or make a call. However, there are people who do not care about it. No one wants to hear what you are talking about even if involves tons of money. It will only serve as a distraction for other players and it is considered rude.

Do not be boastful when you win

It is natural to be proud when you win but you have to be sensitive to other players as well. It is not easy to lose and it is heartbreaking. If you continue to rub your winning in their noses, no one will play with you in the future. No one likes the company of a person who always boasts.