Domino Goes Online

The gambling game of Domino has been around for a very long time. Played between two to eight players, sometimes as partnerships, this is popular with elite Casinos as well as gambling dens, and even domestic parties. But going online has made this game spread to the whole Internet. And with it, fraudulent practices have also increased drastically. Domino Online Terpercaya, or conditions for trustworthy Domino sites on the Network, is the subject of this article.

A Trustworthy Site

Betting Online has a serious problem. Not just Domino, but all Gambling is facing a crisis. This is because professional organized crime has invaded Online Gambling. Fraudulent activities are depriving both the Sites and the Bettors of their honest earnings. Online Gambling is still at a nascent stage, and Policing is noticeable by its absence. There are no International Agreements yet, and no Protocols exist to cover all angles, especially Security of Investments. It is therefore very important that the Bettor selects the site to use with extreme care.  The word “Terpercaya” means “Trusty” and “Reliable” in the Indonesian language. Game Poker Dapat Pulsa is therefore a Reliable or Trustworthy Site. Lovers of online betting now have found the 99 online domino games worth believing in. This is also called “online domino qiu qiu” in popular parlance.

The main two areas of focus for reliability is firstly, Transparency, and secondly, Transactions. Beginners to the online game, who are used to playing with actual cards or domino tiles, sometimes find it difficult to visualize the game on screen. Here there are no visible Dealers or Bookies, and the game system automatically distributes domino tiles or cards to all players. Even the calculations of numbers are all done by the game system. Transparency is essential here, particularly for the Beginners who are not yet familiar with the game system, and tend naturally to be suspicious. Rules are to be declared, and then strictly adhered to, such as the Right to fold when the cards are not found good enough to compete by the Player. Transactions by the Site are also crucially important, as it involves actual money handling. Deposits have to be accepted and docketed, bets have to be collected, and pay outs made out to the Players, all to be done reliably and safely such that mutual trust is established between the Site and its Customers, the Bettors or Players.