Ceme Online: May The Fortune Be With You

Ceme Online May The Fortune Be With You

The popularly known game Domino dealer also shares a lot of common set of rules with 99 Domino. The major difference is that domino dealer uses two dominos whereas 99 Domino use four dominos. In Southeast Asia, this very game is known as Ceme. Popularly played online Ceme is not an easy soup to dig in. Ceme online has some basic yet poker like rules which require your skills and a generous amount of luck to hit the fortune.

Some basic rules 

This game has a player and a banker/dealer. The game can have a total of seven players and one banker. All you need to make sure is to have a maximum number of red dots in the cards that weregiven.  Anybody out of the eight players can become the banker.

Ceme online

Card Ranking

The cards are categorized into seven series. The series starts with zero, in which there are seven cards/dominos in total. There are no dots in the top portion of the card. Followed by the card series one consisting six cards in total each card has a big red dot at the bottom or the top portion of the series. In series, two the cads reduce to five pieces of cards. Also, each piece has two dots either above or below the deck, further, it is followed by series three and two each of which has four and three pieces of cards in the series. Both are had three and two dots either on the lower or upper portion of the Domino respectively.

How to play

The most important deck in Ceme is the card series six. This consist of only one card which as the maximum number that is six dots on both lower and upper body of the domino. Ceme online lays the rules interestingly, two cards are dealt with each player (including the banker) as the game starts and each player would bet in money say a sum of $100 to start with. The player who would end up having more red dots than the banker would win and the banker and the banker would have to pay the bets of these players. The catch is if any player will have the same number of dots as a banker, the banker would be victorious.

In Ceme, online one gets the opportunity to become a dealer/banker. Online websites expect you to own at least an amount of 200,000 chips with you and then you good to go to play Ceme online.