The Best Cities Where Poker Is Most Exciting To Play

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Las Vegas and Macau are two of the most popular cities when it comes to poker games. However, it is important that you know that there are several other cities and locations in the world that could be a good avenue for playing this game. Here’s everything that you need to know.

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Dublin, Ireland

Poker is alive as ever in this Western European nation and aside from the glamorous history of the scene here, Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is also home to a community most enthusiastic to play poker. There are poker tournaments that are also hosted in the area annually, and have been touted as the nation’s longest-running major battles.

Los Angeles, California

More than the Western seaboard community’s love for basketball, they also have a thing for poker. A few hours from Las Vegas is another hub for the game, and it is California. Businesses thrive in the state and most of the tourism revenues also come from poker games. The state also has several casino rooms where players not just in the locality but around the world flock to.

Barcelona, Spain

Spain has a rich poker background and many of the attributes of the game come from the Spanish culture and the nearby culture of Portugal. Have you ever been made familiar with Marco Polo? Barcelona runs its very own casino and it is also a haven for tourists. If you are in the plan to spend money for these games, then you should head to the nearest casinos in these areas.

London, United Kingdom

Poker in London? Yes please. The European city also plays host to a variety of tournaments and games, as London is home to various casino clubs and gaming areas that the government investments in. These games are not the main selling points of the tourist destination but you should know that there are attractions that are nearby poker gaming areas for all your needs.

Paradise Island, Bahamas

Bahamas is a luxurious destination for many tourists especially those coming from the United States. Even the current president and businessman holds investments and properties in these Caribbean Islands. Bahamas also has establishments that host poker games and casino options for various ages and preferences. Aside from these places, you may also start to explore on daftar poker online games that are gaining popularity in the world today.