Live Poker Online – Understand the Differences

Poker Online

If you are a real-time poker player and want to start playing online, then you will be surprised: online poker is a difficult task! To win online, you must recognize the three main differences between live and online poker and customize your game accordingly.

Online poker is harder and more aggressive

If you have been playing poker for some time, you will know that most of the great players defend a tough and aggressive style, something that is not usually seen in the 1/2 local game. Online poker is different. As long as you play unlimited $ 0.10 / $ 0.25 (25NL) or more, you will find a sufficient number of players who enter the bank only for a raise and will continue to bet on most flops. To fight this style, you will have to play fewer hands. Limping to see a cheap failure will simply not work.

Another place where more aggression is seen online is the re-raise reflow, also called 3-bet. In a live game with a low limit, most players only bet 3 with ultra-premium hands. Of course, online people will bet 3 with aces, but sometimes they will also resort to bluffing with 3 bets. You must be prepared for this and have a game plan when faced with the inevitable reflow aggression.

Poker Online

You will play many more hands online than live

In a live game, the number of hands is limited by the dealer, who must shuffle and deal cards. Of course, all this is automated online, so you should have approximately twice as many hands on the table. In addition, online players often play at several tables simultaneously.

Additional hands mean you can earn a lot of money very fast or lose very fast. If you are new to BandarQ Online, the most important thing to remember is not to play too many tables. Most new players can handle two without losing focus, but more than that will reduce their ability to develop reading and play better.

Online poker players generally know any bet well

There are many factors that influence this difficulty difference, but the most important is that the average new player starts with the lowest buy-in in the allowed size. An online game can cost $ 2 or less, while live poker usually starts at $ 200. In other words, novice players play online games with extremely low bets, while you can find them with players with much higher bets.


Another reason why online poker players tend to be better is that being able to play at several tables at the same time from their living room makes poker a real opportunity to work from home. Many online poker players see poker as a part-time job and therefore spend many hours a week studying the game. To level the playing field, you must constantly try to improve your game.