The Perks Of Playing Poker Online Indonesia

Here the player has four cards of the same value

Who does not like to play games to pass their time? People often find amusement in playing card games. Playing games online is quite convenient as well as easy. A little bit of betting skills is all that is required to play poker. In olden days card games were very popular and so was poker. Poker is one of the topmost played games online today. Poker has come a long way as a hobby from gambling activity. Poker online Indonesia is gaining more popularity due to tournaments and such other events on the television.

The rankings:

There are following types of hands you can make: (From Low to High)

1.Highest Card – The player with the highest card wins if there are no winning streaks

2.One pair – This is where the player has two cards of the same value

3.Two pairs – This is where the player has two-two cards of the same value

4.Three of a Kind – This is over two pairs and the player has three

cards of the same value


5.Straight – Player having any series of card irrespective of its suit

6.Flush – Flush is when a player has any five cards of the same suit

7.Full House – It is above a flush where the player has three of a kind and a pair

8.Four of a Kind – Here the player has four cards of the same value

9.Straight Flush – Player having sequence from the same suit is called a straight flush

10.Royal Flush – It is when the player has the higher value sequence starting with Ace being the highest value card i.e. the A-K-Q-J-10

The final thought:

In online poker chips are for money. Poker is all about bluffing and betting with certain standard house rules lay. There are two types of poker namely online and the live one; out of which only the online poker sites have a physical location. In poker, bets are placed by all players before cards are dealt. You can go in blind meaning, play your bet without looking at your cards. You can increase the bet by raising the money after you have called the previous bet. The collection of cards held which are compared against those of the other players to check the winner is called a hand. At the end of the game where everyone shows their cards is called a showdown.